Complex design and realization of residential and commercial spaces

From design project to realization of interiors for life and business in Kazakhstan and worldwide.

Aesthetics and functionality in everything — VMVdesign approach

We work out each drawing in detail with special attention to details to get the final realization in perfect execution and maximum compliance with the project. We complete projects with a team of reliable suppliers, as well as author's support of the renovation, where we control every corner.

Specialists with higher education. No self-taught and fast courses, only higher education and systematic professional development.
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Marina Vassilyadi

Founder of VMVdesign, 250+ projects in her personal portfolio.
Winner of international and national awards in the field of interior design.
of successful activity

12 years

residential and commercial projects designed



20 000+ m²

cities in which we have designed projects


Services of the office

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100% compliance of the result with expectations

300+ unique projects in HORECA, RETAIL, Residential, Services, Offices

Coffee-bar "HERE AND NOW"

A full range of services was realized: design project of apartment reconstruction for coffee-bar with 3D-visualization and full package of drawings; design project of exterior with summer cafe; author's support of repair works; furniture and textiles; development of menu and packaging design logo; decoration; photo session. 6 months of work, cooperation continues from 2021.

Apartment in Nauriz 2 Residential Complex

Comprehensive services of apartment design with redevelopment, 3D-visualization and a full package of drawings; author's support of repair works; completion of materials, furniture, textiles and custom products; decoration; photo session. 8 months of fruitful work.
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Trade network "TELEFONIK" for the sale of accessories for cell phones

Full design support of the brand from 2015 to 2021: development of design projects of shopping islands; design projects of boutiques; author's support of boutique renovations and selection of materials; development of brand presentation; corporate graphic materials; consulting on locations and other issues in the field of design. During the period of cooperation we have developed about 30 retail and marketing outlets.
We can conduct projects online. Go to any city of Kazakhstan or the world in the framework of the project or its realization.

We work with any part of the world

We do not focus on temporary trends, we take into account in the design of your character and lifestyle.

Author's view without templates

We work with a limited number of projects without scattering attention.

Point approach

You get the most well-thought-out project not only in terms of design, but also in terms of technology.

We know construction technologies

How does everything go?

{ Process }
We make a calculation of your project, give you a commercial proposal with possible options for cooperation.

You leave a request

You make an advance payment from 20% depending on the chosen package of services, fill out the terms of reference for the design.

Sign the Agreement

We discuss your wishes and needs and fix them in the terms of reference. The specialist comes to measure and study the room, make a measurement plan.

Preparatory stage

We consider all variants of functional division of the object taking into account ergonomics, storage areas, service areas and find the ideal solution together.

Planning solutions

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We develop realistic images for each room, showing stylistic and color solutions.

3D visualization

We develop all drawings for builders and bills of materials. We prepare the final project album.


We control compliance of repair works with the project. We complete the object with finishing materials, lighting, furniture, custom-made products without exceeding your budget.

Project realization

We think over all interior details, down to dishes and towels. We conduct a photo session of the finished interior.


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We successfully practice cooperation with different cities of Kazakhstan and the world both at a distance and with departure to any point. We have realized projects in more than 15 cities of the world.
Location of the office is Almaty.

Geography of works

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