Apartment / 2022

{ About }
Project author
LCD “NAURYZ 2”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
135 m²
Vassilyadi Marina
Vassilyadi Marina, Usacheva Victoria
Timur Amandykov, stylist Zhanna Khabirova
The apartment is designed for a couple and a girl of ten years old.
In terms of atmosphere, the customer wanted a cozy, calm and bright apartment with the use of noble, non-shouting materials and finishing techniques.
The layout from the builder is open-space, only bathrooms and one room, proposed as a bedroom, are allocated to separate rooms.
Among the requirements to the functional tasks of the space it was important to separate the kitchen, halls and the living room, combined with the dining room, with partitions from each other for the sake of peace and privacy in the living room.
It was also necessary to accommodate the children's room. The location of the kitchen utilities and electrical outlets was not satisfactory. Objectively, the location of the kitchen set proposed by the builder was practically unrealizable from the point of view of convenience, and this decision had to be reconsidered.

It was of great importance to the Client to use quality plumbing fixtures, equipment and internal systems to avoid untimely repairs.
{ Planning }
Another room was added to the left side of the apartment - the children's room. This entailed the replacement of windows between the rooms of the apartment and the loggia - one large stained glass window was divided into 2 windows, taking into account the location of the GKL partition for the children's room.

The placement of the radiators under this stained glass window was adjusted to ensure an even and sufficient heat supply to the new rooms. The builder made 2 exits to the loggia very close to each other. An unnecessary door was removed. This made it possible to place the kitchen set in the area where it was, close to the points of water communication output, to the ventilation shaft and sewerage and with good illumination of the working surface from the window during the day. As the kitchen set in the project was placed on the partition between the children's room and the kitchen, the necessary reinforcement for the hanging of kitchen cabinets was provided in it. All communication shafts we opened from the GKL cladding before the repair and found a possibility to reduce the size of the boxes.
In the project it was provided in the kitchen and in the dressing room in the bedroom. In the kitchen we were able to fit a pencil case with built-in oven and microwave oven between the box and the window aperture by reducing the communication box.
In order to make the bathroom accessible to all household members, a part of the partition enclosing the bedroom was dismantled and a separate entrance to the bedroom was made from the bathroom.

The interior skillfully used techniques to increase the natural insolation of rooms away from windows, which was one of the main disadvantages of the apartment.
The customer's wishes to separate the passageway zone from the living room were taken into account, we did it thanks to glass sliding partitions in stylish graphite tinting. The kitchen, in turn, can be isolated from both the corridor and the living room. And when it is not required, it is possible to cook or have breakfast in the kitchen and watch your favorite shows on the TV placed in the living room.

Entrance area

Since the apartment is located on the 2nd floor and close to the elevators and stairwell, part of the floor at the entrance is finished with large format porcelain tiles. A three-meter deep walk-in closet holds a large collection of shoes, clothes and also has a utility closet. A large mirror will keep housemates and guests from crowding the exit, and it also transmits reflected light from the living room, improving the light in the hallway. For everyday shoes, there is an open podium under the closet. There is a separate console for keys, a technical cabinet with sections for umbrellas. The compositional center of the hallway is a wall with a large abstract bas-relief in an oak baguette on a background of porcelain stoneware under marble of Statuario grade.


The corridor, formed by sliding partitions, becomes the aesthetic core of all the common rooms. On its two walls, which are on the same side, made a volumetric composition of large branches with magnolia flowers in white.

The corridor itself is not wide enough to appreciate the composition, but in the living room, thanks to the transparent tinted partitions, the view of magnolias is fully revealed. The kitchen also offers a view of the floral bas-relief. For a better sound of the volume of the bas-relief, wall sconces are provided, which can be adjusted.
Towards the bathroom on the wall, the bas-relief ends at a pilaster decorated with pastel-colored eco-leather and faceted with brass profiles. A person leaving the bedroom is greeted in the corridor by a veneered panel with an ODEON LIGHT wall sconce.

As a floor covering in all main rooms is used laminate in the technique of laying “English herringbone” in natural shades of oak. The color and texture of the floor create a cozy warm atmosphere in the apartment, and the layout of small boards fills the large space of the floor with content, the rooms become more interesting to look at even with minimal furniture and decor.


The kitchen set was designed individually according to the dimensions of the room. It was important to provide enough storage areas for dishes and kitchen utensils. The cabinets of the kitchen unit are ceiling height. The window sill has been combined with the worktop surface to form a single work surface. On the left side of the unit there are cupboards for storing food. Behind them there is a built-in double-compartment refrigerator (60 cm) behind fronts in American walnut veneer. Above the refrigerator there is also a storage cabinet. Behind the refrigerator, the worktop starts with hinged cupboards above and below the worktop. Here there is a built-in cooktop (60cm), in the cupboard above it there is an extractor hood, which leads the vapors into the ventilation shaft. There is a sink in matte black close to the window. A two-level dish drying rack is built into the hinged cupboard above it. The dishwasher is placed between the cooktop and sink sections.
To the right side of the window is the built-in oven microwave and storage cabinets.
Under the countertop in front of the window there are also storage cabinets and shelves in one column for storing wine bottles with one correction, behind them there is a radiator and in winter time these shelves serve for warm air outlet. In the center of the kitchen it was possible to provide a small work island. On the side facing the kitchen unit, there is a shelf under the countertop and cupboards below for storing utensils and condiments. On the other sides, you can sit at the island on semi-bar stools for up to three people. Under the countertop of the island there are 2 outlets for connecting small appliances if necessary. The most durable and hygienic material at the moment - quartz agglomerate — is used for the worktops. The apron above the worktop is made of the same material, with brass profile inserts and decorative grooves.

The kitchen is separated by sliding partitions in oak veneer filled with frosted glass to preserve the light atmosphere in the small kitchen room.

Living Room

In the living room, the TV area rightfully attracts all the attention. An unusual solution was to make a panel for hanging the TV in the form of an abstract bas-relief. By the way, the location of the TV allows you to watch movies both in the living room and from the kitchen. The TV-wall is completely custom-made according to the designer's project. The wall panels and fronts are made of American walnut veneer with different texture direction, the table top is made of natural marble, round legs are made of wood with a matte brass finish. The abstract bas-relief is once again repeated in the sections of built-in shelving on the opposite side of the TV area, completing a coherent story that began in the entrance hall.

The dining chairs were originally chosen differently when designing, but during the author's support the designer in search of other furniture items saw these chairs with round backs in yellow leather, and it was immediately clear - we need these chairs! It took 15 minutes to contact the salon and then to discuss with the customer - and we were united in the decision. Only after 15 minutes these chairs were no longer on sale! There were the same ones in light gray upholstery - we bought them without thinking and without seeing them in person. It was the fastest purchase for the apartment. The armchair, dining chairs and table are made to order according to the drawings from the project.


The bedroom is made in a soft color scheme, the walls are painted in a light pastel color. Among the frames of moldings on the walls behind the headboard of the bed is a small abstract bas-relief of flowing lines, in the evening it is illuminated by a curtain lighting from the ceiling. To the right of the bas-relief there are 2 sconces from Odeon Light. The chamber mood in the bedroom is set by additional decorative curtains behind the bed. The sliding partitions separating the dressing room are made to order according to the designer's sketches from black profiles filled with fluted glass of slender lines and support the refinement of the interior.

Flush-mounted doors in height to the ceiling without top jamb.

The predominant part of the furniture in the apartment is made to order or purchased from local manufacturers, as for example, bedside tables with dressing table in the bedroom are selected from the assortment of furniture shop in our city.

Children's room

The color scheme is chosen in green muted shades, that the interior of the room for a long time was relevant to the owner, even when she becomes a young lady. The bed is made to order, according to the designer's sketches. It has a little secret: the headboard is not fixed rigidly to the frame of the bed itself, the headboard is hung on special locks on the wall. Thus, the bed can be moved during general cleaning and change of linen without the headboard. And that's not all - if desired, the bed can be placed along the wall, if necessary.
And the designer took into account that over time the bed can be replaced completely, then the headboard of the bed will be removed from the holders, they will be unscrewed from the wall, cover small holes with bent corners of wallpaper and the wall will remain without a single flaw. The highlight of the room is the photo wallpaper from the FACTURA workshop, it came to us from St. Petersburg. Drawings for photo wallpapers are made manually by artists of the workshop, then they are digitized.
The room has a small dressing room with an open clothes hanger and closet, a shoe shelf, a possibility to use a hairdryer or a flat iron (socket), plus a separate mirror. The mirror is made to order according to the designer's project, the frame is made of MDF with a coating of matte brass, the sides are covered with eco-leather in the color of ochre.
Later, after the photo session, a diptych of mirrors will be made on the table according to this principle. Along the wall with a window there is a table with lockers for studying, working at a laptop, and as a dressing table. There is a large mirror in the room, the dressing room is closed with a curtain, this curtain can also close the mirror.


Bathroom in the interior is divided by color into 3 parts, which helped visually make the room more correct proportions. At the entrance immediately in the closet is placed washing machine with related accessories. Inside this cabinet behind the back wall with hatches placed communication unit, including for warm floors. In the central area of the bathroom is placed sanitary equipment, a sink with a length of 90 cm. All furniture is made to order according to the designer's sketches. In the depth of the room there is a bathtub. The screen under the bathtub is designed specifically for this project, it has open sections - one for storing household chemicals, the second for servicing pipes. The fronts are made of solid walnut and protected with special coatings for immunity to moisture.
The shower partition made of profiles of two colors - black and brass is also made according to the designers' sketches.

Next to the custom-made mirror, pendants with wooden beads were designed. They were not available on sale. The designer organized the production of the lamp by the efforts of local craftsmen: pendants with a wooden lamp base (from EGLO) were purchased; a turner milled the beads according to the designer's drawings; in the furniture shop they covered them with lacquers and made a ceiling bowl; an electrician assembled the whole puzzle, hung and screwed in the bulbs.

Guest bathroom

The color scheme here is almost black-and-white duet, which is diluted by ochre-orange accents. The functionality contains all the necessary minimum - a shower room with a niche for shampoos, a sink on a pedestal with a mirror, a toilet with a hygienic shower and above them a cabinet (it is also painted by the artist), an electric towel dryer.
The cupboard under the sink is intentionally not lowered low by the designer in order to be able to put under the sink laundry basket as needed.


Thanks to the author's support, the repair in the loggia is made partially from the remnants of tiles and paint, while maintaining aesthetics, which saved more than 100 000 tenge in this room alone.


The project of the apartment was developed in 2021, a set of repair works of furniture making and sewing textiles in general took 8 months, in May 2022 the repair is finished. Throughout the repair, the author of the project performed full support with the completion of the object with finishing materials and interior items.

Some pieces of furniture made according to the designer's drawings.