Director of retail boutique chain “TELEFONIK”.

Design development of more than 30 boutiques of retail outlets and graphic materials for the brand, implementation support.
Director of the coffee house “Coffeinik”.

Development of coffee house design logo and graphic materials.
Marketer of the Italian restaurant “MARZO”.

Development of logo, interior and exterior design, summer cafe, graphic materials, implementation support, as well as renovations.
Managing Director of “Plovkhana” chain of oriental cuisine restaurants.

Development of logo and 5 points of oriental cuisine cafe chain “Plovkhana”.
Director of ASIAmobile retail outlets network.

Logo development and 5 retail outlets of the brand.
Logo development, complex design of interiors and exteriors with implementation support.
Manager of the restaurant “AGOSTO”.

Logo development and complex design of interiors and exteriors of the restaurant complex with implementation support.
Apartment design in Khan Tengri Residential Complex.
  • Tatiana Alferova
    Apartment owner
    “I am satisfied with the result!
    Marina, everything is wonderful and I am satisfied with everything, if everything turns out like in the picture, it will be super!!!! I plan to carry out further work on the realization of my apartment with your company.”
  • Inna Levina
    Apartment owner
    “We really liked the first one.
    The bedroom: everything is amazing! Comfortable, beautiful, functional. Colors - all ours... Even the color of the floor - as we wanted. Living room: everything is perfect! Kitchen, dressing room: everything is great!!! Son's room: he liked everything very much, I am guided by his opinion (he lives in it).
    Thank you for everything!!!”
  • Alexander Shkolnikov
    Director of the retail trade network of tea products “1000 and one tea”
    “It's just CLASS!!!
    Everyone is delighted, even did not expect that so modern will turn out the project of tea boutique.”
  • Makhabbat
    Founder of retail trade network of boutiques of women's clothing MALLITELLE
    Best ✨
  • Eugene
    Apartment owner
    “Marina, thank you very much for your support, I appreciate your professionalism and this project is made with a lot of love and soul. Whatever it takes, I will bring this project to the end, because it is a real masterpiece. I love beautiful things, I respect profiles, I hate hypocrites. I am very grateful to you for this project, without exaggeration I am honored, thank you very much again!!!”
  • Maria Koval
    Private home with lot
    “Thank you for your talent and work, even in the winter the outdoor area of our lot ‘works’ perfectly.””