Coffee bar HERE AND NOW

HORECA / 2021

Project author
Almaty, Kazakhstan
161 m²
Vassilyadi Marina
Vassilyadi Marina, consultant on technical equipment of the bar Sychev Danil, consultant on technical equipment of the kitchen Grigory Gurulev, electrical project of GC Project LLP.
Timur Amandykov
{ About }
The customer planned to open his first restaurant, for this task he bought an apartment on the 1st floor.
The customer wanted to reflect his nostalgia for Old Alma-Ata, where he spent his childhood, his love for Italian cuisine and the culture of drinking coffee and wine, to create a quiet soulful place to spend time with family and friends, to convey the warmth and hospitality of small cafes, simple values that unite people.
Kitchen concept — Italian cuisine using local products, coffee, pastries, wine list.

{ Planning }
All self-supporting partitions in the apartment are completely dismantled, the window openings on the side of the street-facing facade are lowered to the floor. In the part of the room that is oriented towards the courtyard, the kitchen is designed, small but equipped with everything necessary and with convenient ergonomics for work. In the hall there is a bar counter with seating and a guest bathroom with a boudoir.
The area of the hall is 56 square meters, the hall is designed for 31 seats.
Summer terrace of 75 square meters can accommodate 41 seats.

About finishing of the restaurant's halls

The interior style chosen is mid-century modern, balancing between European and Soviet manifestation. The color combination of green and yellow was the customer's wish. The designer comprehensively developed the atmosphere of the institution from the logo to interior and exterior solutions.
When developing the design, special attention was paid to coziness, comfort and bright impressions.
The institution is located in an apartment building. Designing and realization of the project within the framework of secondary real estate always carries its own peculiarities and surprises, which are revealed in the process of repair.
The low ceilings and beams of the premises were a difficult legacy. To visually compensate for the different ceiling heights of the beams and window openings, a color delineation of the room horizontally was applied, and mirrors were installed on the lowest ceiling beam, visually dissolving the heavy construction under the ceiling.

Part of the walls is covered with veneered MDF panels in dark green color in tandem with wallpaper containing retro geometric pattern with apples (apples are a symbol of Almaty city). Shelves and other furniture are made in oak veneer under colorless and black lacquer. The yellow ceiling creates a warm, enveloping atmosphere. The legendary Thonet chairs #18 in dark lacquer, a regular in the interiors of the past, leave no one indifferent. All furniture except for the chairs is made to order according to the author's sketches and drawings designed for this establishment.
Four Romanian armchairs from the 60-70s, bought at vintage warehouses, were restored and finalized for the table near the stained glass window. On the shelves are collected items from the Soviet period - telephone, TV, alarm clock, books and others.
On one shelf one can notice pencil and ink sketches of buildings of the “Children's World” store of the Palace of the Republic and national jewelry. These sketches were made by the author of the project more than 16 years ago, when she was a student of architectural college, during her drawing practice. They were donated to the institution along with some vintage items as decoration.


In the bathroom inside the stalls, the walls are decorated with custom-made photo wallpaper depicting plants characteristic of the region — apple and cherry tree branches, hop vines in the men's stall; carnations, tulips, poppies, cornflowers, pansies in the women's stall.

Summer terrace

The design of the summer terrace canopy is reminiscent of the disappearing from the streets of the city stops made of concrete and broken ceramics, arranged in compositions created in the Soviet period in the 60-80s. On the outer part of the canopy there is a bench under the mosaic inscription “HERE AND NOW” as a photo zone for guests, as well as for the purpose of increasing the comfort of the urban public environment.


{ Logo }
In the complex of works on the design of the establishment, the designer developed, among other things, a logo, corporate identity, branding of glasses, bags and other accessories, design of test menus in full harmony and identity with the design of the premises.
In the process of renovation the author of the project made a selection of accessories, including table setting elements and textiles, decorated shelves. The work was done down to the smallest detail.


After developing the design project and identity, VMVdesign design bureau carried out full support of the project realization in life from the moment of dismantling works to the last preparations before the opening of the establishment. Thanks to this, all the nuances of the renovation process were taken into account, the solutions were clear and 100% in line with the idea of the project.

Each product was worked out in detail. More than a thousand hours of time were spent by the specialist on author's support and the same amount of time working on the completion of the object.
In January 2022 the institution opened its doors for guests and immediately acquired permanent friends.

The project of the coffee bar “Here and Now” won the first place in the Annual Kazakhstan Award in the field of design and architecture “IDEA” in the IX season. It was published in international and local media dedicated to design. This interior was also the subject of one of the issues of the program about design and repair “Workshop of Comfort” with Nargiza Abdullaeva.