Gastro-bar AGOSTO

HORECA / 2020

Project author
Almaty, Kazakhstan
670 m²
Vassilyadi Marina
Vassilyadi Marina, consultant on technical equipment of the bar Sychev Danil.
Vassilyadi Marina
Vassilyadi Marina
{ About }
The company approached to develop the facility specializes in two lines of business — retail and food service outlets. We were already familiar from dozens of other sites.

The client was enchanted by the space that had been vacated in the heart of Park 28 Panfilovtsev, surrounded by tall trees and walking paths. The building had previously housed a restaurant, and the premises were finished but in poor condition.
The designer was faced with the task of designing a new establishment with minimal interventions in a limited time and minimal budget.

The restaurant is panoramic. Kitchen concept — gastro-bar, Italian cuisine, steaks and meat in a smoker, burgers, pizza, a wide selection of wines.
{ Planning }
The area of the first floor of the establishment is 224 sqm, the area of the summer terrace on the roof is 280 sqm, summer terrace with ennobled areas on the adjacent territory of the establishment is 165 sqm.

The total area of the restaurant complex is about 670 sq.m.
The interior style is modern brutalism combined with loft - a lot of metal, rough wood, ceramics and leather.
The central seating in the hall is organized by four semicircular sofas and round tables for up to 6-8 persons. Privacy is created by a central shelving unit and metal screens made of perforated metal and painted to match the color of brass.
The bar area has been restored and added to. We integrated a metal bar structure in front of the cocktail station with a logo carved in metal and combined with yellow glass. The concrete bar structure is clad in glossy black tile with an ochre colored grout. The glossy tile plays with the glare of light illumination and reflects the bar rack and decorative ceiling, as well as glasses, giving the opportunity for creative photos of your cocktail.
The restaurant has two VIP areas that can be separated by curtains from the common room and from the eyes outside. The small VIP-room with a luxurious sofa made of eco-suede can accommodate about 8 persons, the second VIP-room can accommodate either two campaigns of 8 persons or one for 16 persons.
Above the second VIP hall the existing GKL floor was covered with concrete plaster with three-dimensional decorations and integrated lighting fixtures. In the hall on the 1st floor there was a partition with a bio-fireplace, we restored it and faced it with small piece tiles imitating slate stone, supplemented it with light panels with the logo of the institution.
The floor coverings were kept unchanged as per the customer's wishes. The rough ceilings were not repainted, but were decorated with square panel boxes of green color, embodying boxes for wine bottles. The ensemble of metal, ceramics and glass is supported by light partitions made of slabs of Karagach. The table tops are also made of solid wood.

For the extensive wine collection there is a compact wine cellar with a cooling system.
We have partially reconstructed the bathroom on the 1st floor, which allowed us to realize a unique partition made of clinker brick with elements of 3d-laying vertically and make a high opening. The textured brickwork clashes with the partition in glossy black tiles with grout in ochre color and white pattern paint, which creates a characteristic contrast of textures and textures in the brutal interior.
The large chandeliers, 1.3 meters in diameter, are custom-made to the designer's sketches and hang from the ceiling as if they were large white grape brushes. Their visual language is continued by the garlands of acrylic circles that fill the ceiling of the boudoir and the curtain between the stairwell flights.
The stairwell leading to the summer roof terrace underwent a complete renovation. The steps were covered with solid wood, on the floors and part of the walls laid porcelain stoneware, stylized as terazzo. On the first floor along the staircase there are mirrors on the wall, visually expanding the space and allowing for a selfie-session. The design of the stairwell ceilings supports the solutions in the restaurant hall, only now square boxes under colorless lacquer and on a background of ochre color.
Here, at the level of the second floor, there is a bathroom for the summer roof terrace. The entrance group of the bathroom in the design also has a brick lining, but already in black color.

Summer terrace

The roof terrace is open, surrounded by trees with high crowns, which gives the impression that guests are sitting on a lawn surrounded by trees and there are no reminders of the proximity to the city streets and the hustle and bustle. On the roof terrace there is a summer bar, fully equipped to serve refreshments and alcoholic beverages.


In the complex of works on the restaurant project, the designer developed a logo, which is a continuation of the interior style and philosophy of the establishment - modern, simple, a little rough. Every detail of the interior is thought out and involved in the overall visual narrative that captivates guests.


After developing the design project and identity, the designer performed authorial oversight of bringing the design to life.

The challenge for the renovation was a very tight timeline, limited budget, and in the realities of 2020 there was a shortage of materials, professionals and labor for reasons we all know.
We solved these problems in several ways: we divided the design of the restaurant complex with a total design area of almost 670 m2 into stages - first floor, stairwell, summer terraces and exterior. In this way we were able to start the renovation work before the project was fully ready. Knowing what materials we could count on for 2020 conditions and contracting services, we focused on a specific group of possibilities, and kept everything in the space as much as possible.
Screens of a few moments of project coordination with the client: