Coffee bar HERE AND NOW expansion

HORECA / 2022

{ About }
Project author
Almaty, Kazakhstan
88 m²
Vassilyadi Marina
Vassilyadi Marina
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1.5 years after the opening of the coffee bar “Here and Now” designed by VMVdesign in 2021, the customer bought the neighboring apartment in order to expand the establishment. The designer needed to develop a project of interior and exterior of the continuation of the establishment on the new area with preservation of the stylistics.

{ Planning }
Functionally, the studio apartment was remodeled to expand the establishment's existing kitchen and two new guest rooms. The guest rooms occupy an area of 54 square meters, the summer terrace took up 24 square meters.
The new halls of the institution can accommodate 32 seats. There is a small zone for children, where they can play, draw and watch cartoons.
The stained glass window is folding, in summer it opens and unites the space of the second hall and the summer terrace.

About finishing of the restaurant's halls

The design of the new halls almost completely preserves the style of the first hall of the institution built earlier. The interior includes new sofas with linear seating along the wall in yellow color and 70s style (midcentury).
The rooms are narrow and elongated, to get rid of this effect, mirrors are placed on one of the opposite long walls, and their finish and color are very different from each other, breaking up the feeling of a corridor.
The children's area not only serves its function, but is also the central aesthetic focal point in the second room. The third room was to the liking of those who enjoy privacy and long evenings in a small circle, the second room deservedly became the hall of attraction for guests with children.

Some photo reviews of the guests