HORECA / 2022

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BHB bar, Almaty, Kazakhstan
20 m²
Vassilyadi Marina
Vassilyadi Marina
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VMVdesign bureau was approached by a customer with a problem: he needed to develop and coordinate with the administration of the BHB bar site the design of an island bar to be able to rent a place. At that time the designer had already developed design options for this bar point, but the administration did not accept any of the concepts submitted for approval. We took up this task and first of all asked the customer to define the idea of the bar and the concept of drinks.
Together we formulated the desired vibe - design in the spirit of the New York ghetto mixed with neon, art on the wall with a girl and a gun, the name Brooklyn (inspired by the client's favorite track and video - Miyagi & Andy Panda feat TumaniYO - BROOKLYN). The design of the bar was already there and the task was to keep it as much as possible without changes, the repair was supposed to be with small investments and in the shortest possible time, which had to be taken into account.
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Developing the design of the bar, we did not limit ourselves only to the bar counter and the advertising structure above it, we went beyond: over the entire rental area of this bar point painted ceilings and ventilation boxes graffiti inscriptions in red color. The fronts of the bar are covered with OSB and painted with graffiti font composition all around the perimeter, which half of it goes to the floor and continues to the edge of the floor borders, only in black and white and gray shades. The perimeter of the floor is marked with a delimitation stripe with “one way” arrows.
On the facades, neon light strips behind red acrylic glass are used as an accent in some places.
The highlight of the bar is a suspended structure with shelves and signs in the form of a copy of the Brooklyn Bridge surrounded by an oval canopy. The shelf in the form of the Brooklyn Bridge was designed by the designer. It accommodates bottles of the bar's best drinks. Its abundant decoration with flexible neon and colored acrylic glass makes this construction one of the brightest and most interesting installations in the institution. Mirrors above the stools with bar guests are designed for the most unusual selfie and at the same time for a sense of space, hiding the overhanging ventilation ducts behind them.
The table top is made of MDF with graffiti paint, the ends of the table top are upholstered with metal inserts with rivets and “Brooklyn” pattern lettering. The plinth of the fronts is protected by sheet metal in red, and a metal pipe rings the perimeter of the bar at a short distance, on which you can rest your feet.
The backs of the bar stools are also painted with graffiti in white paint. On the wall, as planned, there is a ghetto-style painting of a girl. Nearby on one side of the wall we managed to make another mini-zone for selfie - a box made of metal and mesh, filled inside with lights and disposable plastic cups.
Despite the small size of the bar point, the bar is full of decorative design, it is interesting to look at, and it will give amazing atmospheric photos from the party.

This bar concept was immediately approved by the administration.