Improvement of the territory of a private house


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Almaty, Kazakhstan
6.5 hectares
Vassilyadi Marina
Vassilyadi Marina
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The clients wanted to layout the plot recently purchased with the house in a more comfortable and aesthetic way, extend the first floor and update the exterior of the house. The family is very fond of art and gravitated towards the aesthetics of the southern Mediterranean regions.

A three-storey private house with a plot of 6.5 hectares in the city limits on a terrain with a strong height difference. The plot has a complex shape and is surrounded by streets on three sides.
{ Task and starting point }
{ Planning }
The designer's task was to make a small extension to the existing house, to design its facades within the budget, to redesign the plot, providing for: a patio in front of the house, a barbecue area, an entrance to the plot and a carport with a small storage room, a network of paths with lighting, a sports and children's playground, decorative areas with large boulders.
The gate and entrance wicket have been moved from the extreme left side of the plot to the right side, where it is easier to drive in. A sports and playground area has been replaced by a car park in front of the former gate. On the right, where before there was just a garden and a small shed, a shed for 2 cars with a small non-capitalized storage room was built. In the conditional center of the territory between the entrance and the house there is a barbecue area with a four-meter high complex of stoves, a bench for the campaign and a campfire in the center.
An extension to the first floor of the house was designed, which allows to increase the usable area of the first floor from 34 m2 to 50 m2 and to place a 36 m2 patio in front of the house.

The existing plantations of fruit-bearing trees were taken into account and preserved. It was also possible to create a romantic corner in front of the patio with a garden swing.

About finishing and design solutions

In terms of mood, the design combines the spirit of the villas of southern Spain with modern style, which gives a somewhat unusual, avant-garde, impression. (Could Salvador Dali have stayed here?) The four-meter barbecue complex, consisting of a barbecue grill, oven, wood stove and sink, is finished with decorative borders in blue and majolica tiles in contrast to the clinker tiles.
The majolica tiles are also applied to the bench, which together transports us to the Mediterranean culture. Thanks to the landscaping of the site and a small transformation of the appearance of the facades of the house, we have maximized the feeling of staying in the villa.
The carport is designed for 2 cars and bicycle storage. For the storage of accessories and parts for cars, as well as for the maintenance of some of the furniture and textile accessories of the summer terraces, a storage area of about 9 m2 is provided.
The existing concrete fence, which is not aesthetically pleasing, is to be painted in a calm green color and covered with plantings of tall conifers and wicker plants.

The paths are made of flagstone in the colors of terracotta and black slate. In places decorative compositions of plantings and large stones are made. In the evening all flowerbeds and paths are illuminated with landscape spotlights and lamps. For the winter period, an anti-icing system is laid under the paths.
Pergola patio is designed by the designer, 2 variants were proposed: more lightweight of white metal structures and with arches in characteristic blue stripes.

A wrought iron openwork swing and outdoor dining set maintain the romantic, sophisticated tone.
There were existing structures on the site - a dwelling house and a guest house. The guest house is left unchanged at the request of the Customers and is not reflected in the project.

Alternative variant of the pergola